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Latest picture: NGC 281 Pacman nebula

Latest changed:SH2-101 Tulip nebula


5 jan: After over a month of no clear sky it finally became a nice sky, for three hours anyway. After some problems I managed to gather 1 hour of data, always something. The new guider scope, TS-Optics 80 mm guide scope gives round sharp stars. Another brick in the wall.

3 feb: Januari passed and the weather refused to give any more time, 3 hours of clear sky. December gave 0 hours.

3 April: Februari gave 2 me two good pics.
March and first day of April has given me 7 days to take pictures. But the ever present haze is a problem, 4 of the nights work did not give any good result 2 of them was directly to the bin. However I managed to get a good picture on M101 and one on M81-82 so I am happy with the results after all.


Skywatcher ProMak Newton 190 MN 1000mm
Astro-Tech AT-65Q 420mm

Skywatcher NEQ6 pro

Guide: Starlight xpress lodestar x2

Polaralignment: QHY PoleMaster

DSLR Canon 700D Baader modified
DSLR Canon 70D not modified

(Canon 750D Baader modified. This camera
was replaced, not suiteable for astrophotography
7 not wanted lines see why)

PHD2, Backyard EOS, Pixinsight, DSS

A picture is born

In spring 2016 I picked up an old interest in astronomy and amongst all the ability to take amateur pictures of our fantastic universe

The learning curve is steep and can be very demanding when softwares, hardwares and weather giving unwanted problems.

My challenge is to make as much as possible on the facts that I am facing with my equipment and the light pollution and the allmost constant haze here. When I gets a somewhat nice result I am proud that I actullay got that result with my given terms.

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NGC 6946 Messier 51 Messier 27 NGC 7023
NGC 6960 Messier 33 NGC 6992 Planet
Moon NGC 7380 NGC 7635 Messier 31, M 32 and M 110
NGC 4565 IC 5070 NGC 891 NGC 6888
NGC 281 IC 59 (left) and IC 63 IC 1396 NGC 7129
NGC 7331 and Stephans Quintet IC 1795 IC 1805 Messier 81 , 82 and NGC 3077
NGC 1333 IC 405 IC 5146 NGC 2403
IC 434 and NGC 2024 NGC 1499 Messier 45 Messier 42 and NGC 1973/75/77
Messier 64 Messier 106 Messier 94 Messier 63
Virgo Cluster NGC3628, M65 and M66 NGC3189 Messier 13

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