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All my pictures I consider as living documents, after the first editing I gets one result which can be pleasing to my eye, the next day I finds it not and does some
changes here and there. Sometimes the first result can be awful when working with the picture and vital things could be missed. It was more or less a black picture from the begining and it is so easy to get carried away when the image starts to emerge. Some of the pictures
here has actually been in the editing bench many times during a year or so.

How I approach the editing itself various from picture to picture, my main line is to do the stacking in Deep Sky Stacker then trying to follow a certain working line in Pixinsight, but the next try can get better result if I use Pixinsight to do the stacking and do a different approach in the editing itself, there is no exact "correct" way to edit a picture as it changes from picture to picture. What matters to me is to try to get an image that suits my own taste.

The final result can appeal to you but not to others as there are many different ways and opinions on how a picture should look. To bright, to dark, to much color, to little color, to much noise, removed to much noise and so on. I have found a way that appeals to me and will stick to that, but I have always an opened mind for other ideas. My pictures looks very different today compared to when I started this about 1.5 light year ago so I guess I have done some developing.


This is how the RAW picture looks after it has been stacked , in this case it is done with 30 pics and in Deep Sky Stacker.
Sometimes I use Pixinsight to do the stacking, this various. What I always tries to use are at least DARK and BIAS pics as well.

After stretching it looks like this, a border needs to be removed and the vignetting caused by tyhe optics (darkening of the corners), there are some excellent tools to fix this.

Now the cropping and the background has been fixed and we got a more appealing picture.

Increasing colors

This area has a little bit to much stars in my opinion, there are nice tools for that as well. After using that and done some noise reduction on the background
I got this.

Finally after adjusting the contrasts and smaller details my final image is done

This picture can and will be improved if:

1. No light pollution
2. No haze
3. Using a CLS filter to prevent point 1
4. Using an good mount, not my crappy NEQ6
5. Using a better telescope
6. Using a good CCD camera
7. Health is not an issue
8. You dont have any problems investing around €20000-50000 more
Yes I know this can get better but I think this is good enough from all that is given to me.


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