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Title: Common buzzard / Ormvråk / Buteo buteo  /  Date: 2020-07-26
Note: The Buzzard on picture 3 has lost one eye which will give problems in the hunt. The two first pictures is actually a product of the best of bad luck. I was on my way driving home when 5 Buzzards suddenly was just in front of me, 15-20 meter away. I stoped and climbed out of the car, the Buzzards did not show any interest in me. I tried to take pictures of this mega moment with Buzzards but now the camera was not interested and said "Failure". Removing the battery and putting it back again solves this so I did but this failure ruined probably the best pictures I will ever get on this birds, I got two fairly good pictures (1,2) but they are nothing compared to what I could have got. Well you cant win them all.
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